Andy Manar: The Special Interest Senator

Pot meet kettle: Manar previously attacked McMillan, saying, "He hasn't raised any money here locally," but ignores his own fundraising report.


TAYLORVILLE — New fundraising totals reported to the Illinois State Board of Elections show Republican outsider, small business owner Seth McMillan outraised Sen. Andy Manar in contributions from individuals within the 48th Senate district. Manar has banked his fundraising on special interest dollars from lobbyists, unions, and money tied to the radical liberal candidate for governor, J.B. Pritzker.

In the quarter ending June 30, Manar reported only three contributions over $150 from inside the 48th District. All 16 of McMillan’s individual contributions came from residents in, or just outside of, the 48th District. McMillan even out-raised Manar’s small-dollar donations, $3,510 to $2,020. 

Manar is financed by wealthy special interest groups. He reported 12 separate contributions from political action committees and unions. He also received more than $280,000 from a John Cullerton-run political front group funded by Chicago Democrat J.B. Pritzker, who has convinced Manar to join him to support taxpayer-funded abortions, oppose gun rights and raise taxes on hard working Illinoisans next year. 

In an interview with WCIA's Mark Maxwell last month, Manar said, "[Seth McMillan] hasn't raised any money here locally," which isn't true. When it comes to raising money "locally," McMillan has Manar beat.

Andy Manar has failed the 48th District,” said Seth McMillan, the outsider Republican candidate for the 48thDistrict. “He has lost their confidence and has turned to his Chicago sugar daddies like J.B. Pritzker to bankroll his campaign. Andy Manar has stopped reflecting the pro-life, pro-gun, pro-taxpayer values of the district and started working for Chicago.”

McMillan says while he’s likely to be out-raised and outspent by the Chicago Democratic machine, he’s earning the support of people from across the 48th District.

“When I’m knocking on doors, people tell me time and time again that Andy Manar is a nice guy, but they know he’s not the same person they elected to the Senate six years ago,” said McMillan. “They’re tired of insiders, they’re tired of people looking for their next move up the political ladder, and they want an outsider to help us move past the politics paralyzing Illinois today.”  

Once again, it’s clear Andy Manar is looking out for his Chicago benefactors more than he is for the people of the 48th District.

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