Andy Manar's Tax Hike Two-Step

TAYLORVILLE— When Andy Manar first ran for Senate in 2012, he campaigned against the same tax increase he helped shepherd through the Senate as Chief of Staff to Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago). But, when Mike Madigan and John Cullerton called on Senator Manar to vote to raise taxes on every single Illinoisan in 2017, he was quick to oblige his Chicago benefactors.


          Now, Manar is promising to raise taxes again with Chicago Democrat J.B. Pritzker, who wants to change the constitution to raise taxes even higher than they already are through a graduated income tax.

“Andy Manar is no longer the same guy from Macoupin County that people used to know,” said Seth McMillan, an outsider candidate for State Senate. “He campaigned against raising our taxes, then raised them, and now wants to raise them again. It’s hypocrisy at it’s worst.”

McMillan says state government should do exactly what Manar claimed to do on the Macoupin County Board, cut spending without raising taxes. Just like how people all across the 48th District have to do with Manar, Mike Madigan, and the Chicago Democrats coming for our hard-earned dollars.

Manar can try to keep distracting and dancing around his record of fiscal irresponsibility, but voters all around the 48th District already know Manar is too busy looking out for Chicago and not for them.

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