A New Direction

A New DirectionSeth knows years of mismanagement has led to a staggering fiscal crisis that has hurt the state and millions of people living here. It is unconscionable that Democrats in the General Assembly like Mike Madigan and Andy Manar would increase taxes by 32% on hard working people without a single dollar in meaningful cuts. Seth knows closing a $15 billion dollar budget hole would take compromise and would work with members of both parties to find solutions to our fiscal crisis through cuts, reforms, and restructuring.

Seth also supports freezing property taxes to protect struggling taxpayers and business from even more burden.

Put Illinois Back to Work

Put Illinois Back to WorkAs a small business owner, Seth McMillan understands the pressure facing Illinois businesses. People are leaving the state as Illinois has one of the worst business climates of all 50 states.

Seth supports rolling back Mike Madigan and Andy Manar’s 32% tax increase on workers and the tax increase on businesses. He also believes Illinois needs to reform a broken workers’ compensation system and make reforms to our unemployment insurance program.

Seth also supports a capital bill to begin rebuilding Illinois’ crumbling infrastructure. Though he knows it should be done without putting more burden on taxpayers and business owners.

Fair Funding for Local Schools

Fair Funding for Local SchoolsAndy Manar sold out to Chicago politicians when he proposed a new school funding formula this year. Manar actually proposed cutting numerous school districts that Manar represents. Carlinville, Staunton, and Hillsboro would have seen cuts of about half a million dollars. Taylorville would have seen nearly a million dollars less in funding from Manar. In fact, Manar wanted to give Chicago Public Schools a 500 million dollar bailout.

Seth McMillan served on the Taylorville School Board and understands every child should be valued the same way no matter where they live. Seth believes politicians in Springfield should focus on children instead of their political benefactors.

Term Limits and Independent Redistricting

Term LimitsCareer politicians make service in Springfield more about them than how to best represent the people in Illinois. That must change. Fifteen other states already enact term limits on their state legislators. Seth will introduce and strongly fight for an amendment to the constitution to adopt legislative term limits.

Legislators in the majority party in Illinois, Republican or Democrat, get to choose their voters. Seth McMillan believes voters should choose legislators. The current redistricting process is controlled by career politicians who literally draw maps in a locked room. Seth believes Illinois should have legislative maps drawn by a fair and independent commission.

Our Conservative Values

Our Conservative ValuesAs a lifelong Illinois resident, Seth understands what it means to fight for conservative family values. Seth believes that all life is sacred and begins at conception.

Seth will also fight for the most vulnerable members of society: children, victims of sexual assault, the unborn and those who lack the means to defend themselves. Seth strongly supports and will defend our Second Amendment rights. He believes in protecting the rights of all of the residents of Illinois.