McMillan Challenges Manar to Five Debates

TAYLORVILLE— Outsider candidate for the 48th Senate District, Seth McMillan, challenged Senator Andy Manar to a series of five debates Thursday, offering voters a clear, unfiltered opportunity to hear directly from the candidates hoping to represent them in the Illinois State Senate.

In a letter from McMillan’s campaign to Manar’s campaign manager, Paul Peters, the McMillan campaign extended an offer to debate in each of the five counties in the 48th District that could accommodate a debate (Christian, Macon, Macoupin, Montgomery, Sangamon).

          “The people of the 48th District don’t want to hear talking points or fancy television commercials, they want and deserve a chance to hear exactly what their candidates believe on critical issues facing our state,” said McMillan. “This isn’t political grandstanding. This is an honest request of Andy Manar to put his record up for scrutiny, and I’m certainly ready to put mine up for debate, too.”

          McMillan hopes the candidates can debate either in public locations with a live audience or on a live television or radio broadcast.

          McMillan’s campaign has offered to meet with Manar’s campaign to mutually agree on dates, times, locations, and potential moderators.

          “I’m willing to do this as fairly as possible,” said McMillan.

          McMillan, a small business owner from Taylorville, is an outsider running for the Illinois State Senate. He is seeking a better business environment to help create good paying jobs, infrastructure spending, and controlled spending in Springfield.

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