Seth McMillan for Illinois Senate (VIDEO)


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  • Ronald Brinton
    commented 2017-11-24 05:49:31 -0800
    seth been following you real sorry bout the bite i gave you on my porch in stonington the one with all the flags we need you farmers in there jimmy carter,s a farmer north korea wants to talk to him when they have a problem with us got it bad for the current politicians they are not even close to doing the job they came to us asking to be hired to do they are our employees and begged us to hire them on our porches want some one in who will do the same job that man did in 1820 when we kicked the brits out again that person represented every one thats what the the job says to be done want ill. and the usa back gonna start hollering loudly shes wounded and needs help now before she hits her belly and cant ever get back up you seem like the person who wants to carry the message out to the public to me keep it up you are doing great